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White Rolls Royce Phantom Hire..

A new Rolls-Royce Phantom has just rolled into the Limo Broker fleet and we can't wait to see you in the luxurious, individual, leather passenger seats enjoying all of the latest limousine accessories in the ultimate comfort and style.

We all know to not judge a book by its cover, but when the cover is as sleek and stylish as that of the white Rolls-Royce Phantom, it is hard not to get excited, and the best part is that with the reputation of Rolls-Royce limousines in the UK and all over the world, you know that its looks are only the beginning of what is sure to be a spectacular ride.

So, to the white Phantom's aesthetics, and the Cornish White exterior immediately sets this limousine apart from the other long wheelbase sedan vehicles chauffeuring politicians and business people, making quite sure that this Rolls is not confused with anything as everyday' as all that. Still on the exterior, the white Rolls-Royce Phantom has chrome plated visible exhausts, 21 aluminium wheels and clears the way ahead with an illuminated Spirit of Ecstasy on the bonnet.

Slipping inside, the Phantom has full leather, theatre configuration seating with contrasting stitching, sitting atop carpet and lambswool rugs in the same dark spice colour as the natural grain leather trims. There are also oak burr veneer features on the steering wheel spokes and the dashboard.

When it comes to accessories our white Rolls-Royce Phantom has everything you could think of a luxury limousine being equipped with, and more. For your entertainment during the ride there is a TV and a six DVD changer system, audio integration for your iPod, digital audio broadcast, a voice recognition system a universal remote control, camera system and stationary climate control. By integrating the latest technology, none of the traditional luxury has been compromised as there is still a rear vanity mirror, a drinks cabinet, privacy glass between you and your chauffeur and for something extra special - starlight headlining so you can enjoy the magical sparkle of the night sky regardless of the weather, or the time of day.

So as you can see the white Rolls-Royce Phantom is a unique limousine and yet it is brimming with all of the style and sophistication which are the hallmarks of the limousine industry, and we can't wait for you to be one of the first in the UK to experience this special ride. So no matter where you live or where you're headed, contact Limo Broker now and we can make sure you arrive in style - in true Rolls-Royce style.

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