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Picking a colour scheme for your wedding :: Summer & Winter Wedding Colours

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Picking a colour scheme for your wedding

If you're in the midst of the madness of wedding planning, picking a colour scheme is probably the last thing on your mind. But if you decide on something relatively early on in the process, it can actually help you make many decisions on outfits, decorations, wedding cars and more. But how to choose the right one for you?

Many couples take their cue from the seasons to pick a colour scheme for their wedding. Planning a spring or summer wedding? Why not take inspiration from your favourite seasonal flower or plant, or choose bright bold shades that will look great against the backdrop of a (hopefully!) blue sky. For autumn and winter weddings, you'll want colours that inject richness and warmth - reds and golds are popular choices, while shades of green can help to create a really festive feel.

Another option is to choose a favourite theme and take your colour scheme from that. Vintage and retro weddings often take a simple palette of black and white, so pick a few favourite shades to accent like table decorations and flower arrangements to stop things appearing too drab. A simple way to do this is to choose one favourite colour, then add slightly paler and darker shades to mix things up.

Once you have decided on your colour scheme, you can use it to draw all the different elements of your wedding together. Use it in buttonholes for the groom and groomsmen, bouquets for the bridesmaids, wedding favours, invitations and more. You can even choose a wedding car that suits your colour scheme, with companies like offering wedding cars to hire in an amazing array of colours and styles.

Whatever you choose, picking the right colour scheme for your special day takes you one step closer to a wedding you'll never forget.

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