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Sometimes when you get behind the wheel and head out on the open road, you feel like there is nothing you can't do and nothing that can stop you. However, often there are things which can stop you, but they are there for your safety, and the safety of the other road users.

Unfortunately, thieves in Vierheim didn't see the logic of the barriers which were in their way, and so removed them. Frankfurt police are not searching for these thieves, who in their infinite wisdom, stole a mile and a half of the central reservation of the A6 motorway.

The length of motorway barrier would have weighed over 20 tonnes and the thieves must have had specialist equipment to dismantle and transport the pieces of the barrier away from the scene of the crime. A police spokesman has said �we are puzzled how the thieves were able to escape with their load without anyone noticing' as they have not been able to find a single witness.

So while these thieves removed the barrier which was standing in the way of their trip along the motorway - or maybe they were just bored - you don't have to risk prison to feel just as free. All you have to do is hire a limousine which can take you away from all of the things in your life which are stopping you from doing what you want.

For a greater sense of freedom and unstoppability, hire an SUV limousine such as a stretch Hummer or Lincoln Navigator as you will have superior height over everyone else on the road, so much space in the back of your limousine you could have party, not to mention the tough exterior showing all, that they should not cross your path.

For more information about hiring a limousine to help you feel unrestricted and invincible, contact Limo Broker now.

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