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Statistics of the Safety of UK Limousines For Hire

If you are looking at organising the hire of a limousine, you may be getting the feeling that there are actually more limousines than people in your area. Well, while that may not be quite true, it can often be quite a close race of figures as the limousine hire industry continues to expand quickly and creatively.

Currently operating in the UK are around 11,000 limousines, which could go a long way to explaining why you may be having trouble choosing which one you want to hire. Not only is that number staggering, but there are an extra 5,000 limousines expected to be added to that total on the road in the next 12 months.

Unfortunately, those figures are not a true representation of the limousines which are available for you to hire because the Government believes that up to 40% of those limousines currently on the road are operating illegally. The majority of limousines in this illegal percentage are ones which carry more than eight passengers.

These larger limousines include Lincolns and Cadillac limousines which can often carry around 16 passengers, and the newer and of course larger, super stretch party buses such as the Hummers, which can often carry up to 30 people. A spot check of limousines in London in 2004 found that half were operating illegally. In 2006 a similar investigation was conducted which forced a quarter of London's limousine fleet off the road, plus, the same investigation found that 70% of limousine chauffeurs were breaking the law in some way too.

While these percentages sound scary - and they are if you happen to be riding in the wrong percentage - there are actually a lot of limousine hire companies and chauffeurs out there who care about the industry's reputation and the safety of their passengers, and no matter how tough times get, or how intricate the limousine laws become, they will always make sure they are operating inside the law.

For more information about finding a limousine and limo hire company like this in your area, contact Limo Broker now and we can track them down for you.

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