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Relive Prom Night in Torquay

If you live in Torquay you have probably had countless evenings out with your partner where you have gone to a romantic restaurant, enjoyed a few drinks at a cocktail bar or just gone for a romantic drive around town.

But do you ever think of the one big night which should have launched your adult social life - your prom night? If you missed your prom night then as an adult you probably think about it all the time and realise that you really did miss out on a special night. You may have missed your prom night for any number of reasons - you didn't finish school, you didn't have a date and didn't want to go alone, or you just thought it was dumb and expensive at the time and no big deal to skip it.

Whatever the reason, prom night is not something anyone should miss out on so you need to start planning a pretend prom night with your partner in Torquay to make up for the one you missed out on all those years ago. And what is a prom night without a limousine? Your Torquay prom limousine will add the perfect atmosphere to the night and one of the best things about putting your prom celebrations off for a few years is that you can enjoy real champagne from the limo bar, none of this non alcoholic stuff!

In the lead up to your pretend prom night you can go and get your hair and nails done, find a fancy full length dress and of course a matching bag and pair of shoes, not to mention make sure your partner organises a corsage for you to wear on your big night.

Once your prom limousine has picked you up, you and your partner can head out for a night on the town at all of your favourite romantic spots around Torquay. There will of course have to be dancing, a meal and an after party and you can choose new Torquay restaurants and clubs, or stick to your old favourites on your prom night.

For more information about hiring a limousine in Torquay to live out a prom night fantasy, contact Limo Broker now.

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