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Thank Your Friends With a Wedding Limo..

You may have too many friends to choose from when you get married to include them all in your bridal party, or you may simply be trying to keep your wedding small and on the more affordable side and so have chosen only one bridesmaid for your big day.

However, you still want all of your friends to be involved in the wedding preparations and so you have them all helping out in different ways. For example, you may have asked one of your friends to make your wedding cake and as a special thank you, you may like to hire her a special limousine to get her to the wedding too.

The limousine transport for your cake making friend is also to help ensure that the cake arrives at the wedding in one piece. The special, personalised cake will be well looked after during its limo ride as the limo will be smooth and driven by an experienced chauffeur so there will be no chance of the cake ending up slopped around or travel-worn. The limo will also have fully tinted windows and excellent climate control to ensure the cake is kept fresh and doesn't melt or go dry before the reception.

As well as a special thank you to your friend who has made you your wedding cake, hiring a limousine for her also ensures that she, and your cake arrive on time and in the right place as the cake is often part of the official wedding photos taken before the reception and needs to be in place with plenty of time to spare.

Also, hiring a thank you limo through Limo Broker means you will be booking the most affordable limo in the UK and coupled with your wedding party limos, you will be able to get a great price. Therefore, while you are spending extra money on your baking friend, you won't be spending nearly as much money on her limo, as you would have spent if you had had to pay for a professional wedding cake maker.

So for more information about hiring a limo for the friend who is helping with your wedding, or to say thank you to someone special, contact Limo Broker now.

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