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Italy is regarded as the style capital of the world; producing fine food, stunning designers and beautiful vehicles. It is also an Italian family who have created the most valuable car in the world.

Coming from a family of artists and originally from Milan, Ettore Bugatti understood beauty. He designed each and every one of the 8,000 Bugatti cars which left his factory between 1909 and 1940. These included racing cars, sports cars and luxury cars.

The most significant of these cars was the Type 41 Royale. The Royale is six metres long and has a wheelbase of 4.3 metre running on a 12.7 litre, eight cylinder engine. Ettore Bugatti worked on the Type 41 for almost two decades to ensure it was completed to perfection, however, the excessive time spent on the car almost ruined his factory. Bugatti had planned to build 25 of the Royales, to be used exclusively by royals, however, only six of the cars were ever built. Their rarity and their quality ensure that they are holding firmly to the title of most valuable car at $15 million each.

The sightly unusual emblem of the elephant on the Bugatti cars was thought to be inspired by their creator's brother, Rembrandt. Rembrandt lived near a wildlife park in France and many of his sculptures reflected the animals he saw there. The silver mascot on the Bugatti cars was cast from one of Rembrandt's sculptures.

If you still want to get your hands on this incredibly exclusive luxury car, it is thought that of the 8,000 Bugatti's created, around 2,000 are still well preserved and are brought out during Bugatti club meetings and exhibitions all around the world.

While you can have as much luxury as you are willing to pay for anywhere in the world, there will always be an exclusive treat to fulfil your appetite; right here in the UK you have access to some of the more affordable luxury cars ever created. By contacting Limo Broker, you will have access to limos and luxury cars from every corner of the UK and there is sure to be one to satisfy your craving for luxury so contact Limo Broker now.

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