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End of School Year Limo Hire Celebration

School has come a long way since it was just somewhere you were taught to sit up straight, correctly form your letters and recite your times tables. Schools have since realised that if their students are going to spend so much time there, it needs to be in a fun, relaxing and comfortable environment to allow them to get the most out of their learning and development years.

Of course, having fun while you're learning is one thing and having fun celebrating that the learning is taking a break until next year, is all part of the fun. This is the theory which Oak Street Middle School adopted for their end of year celebrations anyway and even though school isn't always a fun time, these students will be left with some fun memories and the knowledge that their teachers really do care about their happiness and wellbeing.

The end of school celebrations included competitions between homerooms and one last chance for the students to show their solidarity to the classmates they had spent every morning with for the last year, or sometimes even longer. The students were also rewarded for their fundraising efforts throughout the year for the Parent Teacher Organisation.

The students sold gift items to raise money and the students who sold 30 items or more were treated to a limousine ride to show the gratitude of the parents and teachers. The limousine the teachers hired was a sleek black stretch Hummer limousine and the 20 lucky students enjoyed a half hour limousine ride through the town and down the highway.

Impressed of course most of all by the not one, but two televisions, the students have been able to round out their time at Oak Street Middle School with some once in a lifetime memories.

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