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Ladies Day Royal Ascot | Arrive in Style

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Arrive in Style at Ladies Day Ascot Races

Ladies day at Royal Ascot has long been associated with all that is fabulous and elegant. For one day only, all eyes are on the ladies. No pressure then..

A spanking new frock is a must, a pair of killer heels? Obviously! And a new hat the size of the royal enclosure are all essential. As you saunter down to the parade ring, sipping champagne in the dazzling sunshine and oozing glamour from head to toe, you feel every inch the princess you always suspected you were.

So why did you go and spoil it all by getting your mate Lindsey to run you down in her motor? Who ever heard of a princess arriving by ford fiesta?! No, no, no this simply won't do.

Ladies, I urge you to ditch the daily-run-about in favour of a vehicle more worthy of you. Why should the Queen be the only one to arrive in style? By choosing one of our exquisite vehicles for your day at the races you'd surely give the lady herself a run for her money.

Whether you're looking for a pink limo to match your lipstick, or a sleek number with blacked out windows to add that air of mystery, we have it covered. You only have once chance to make your entrance at Ladies Day, make it a good one.

Here are just 'some' of the limos and chauffeur cars we have for the Ladies Day event at Royal Ascot this year..

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