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Rolls Royce Foundation

Rolls-Royce is the embodiment of style, class and sophistication when it comes to making limousines. To celebrate the achievements of the company and its founders, a Sir Henry Royce Memorial Foundation was formed in England. Memorabilia and financial donations were sent from Australia which has a strong tie to the Rolls-Royce company. American foundations were also formed not long after.

While it is important to preserve the history of one of the most famous limousine manufacturers, the Foundation was originally formed to commemorate the work done at Rolls-Royce during World War II. During WWII, the Rolls-Royce factory produced the Merlin aero engine which powered Britain's two front-line fighters, the Hurricane and the Spitfire, in the Battle of Britain.

Because of the might of these fighters and engines, the British army were able to match and defeat the army of the enemy. While Sir Henry Royce died six years before the beginning of World War II, he had already been developing the Merlin engine privately as the Government had refused to finance its construction. It is the foresight and design genius of Sir Henry Royce which is being celebrated through the Sir Henry Royce Foundation.

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Henry Royce had long been interested in mechanics and production and even studied electricity at night school. Royce went on to buy several cars and then begin production of his own. It was then that he caught the attention of Charles Stuart Rolls who was impressed with Royce's production cars and together they formed Rolls-Royce in 1906.

Rolls-Royce began producing quality luxury cars and during World War I, Henry Royce began making aero engines which were used in more than half of the Allied aircraft.

Throughout his designs, Royce displayed an attention to detail unlike that of any other automotive or aeronautical designer. This extended to the Rolls-Royce production of luxury cars where they continue to strive for perfection in their creation of quality, luxury limousines.

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