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School Prom Transport Hire

For many proms are the biggest event of the school calendar, a night that requires months of preparation and fine-planning. With the school prom becoming more and, more extravagant over the past few years we at Limo Broker understand the need to make an impact, having enhanced our fair share of proms and leavers balls. Supplying a whole range of prom limos, cars, party buses and novelty vehicles we allow prom attendees to steal the show, arriving in a fashion that truly amazes.

Prom Cars and Limos

Having a huge bearing on the overall image conveyed at any celebration we ensure the cars mirror the importance of the occasion, only providing immaculate, high-end vehicles to the prom Kings and Queens of the country. The most popular vehicles within our prom fleet include the following marques:

  • Rolls Royce Phantom
  • Rolls Royce Wraith
  • Rolls Royce Ghost
  • Bentley Arnage
  • Bentley Flying Spur Limousine
  • Audi Q7
  • Range Rover Sport
  • Mercedes S Class
  • Lincoln Towncar Limousine
  • Audi Q7 Limousine
  • Ferrari Limousine
  • And much more

Prom Party Bus Hire

Of late party bus hire has become a much-in-demand prom service, with these unparalleled buses successful in impressing fellow classmates and teachers alike. Having recently invested in a large fleet of Starline party buses we now exist as the UK's first port of call for party bus rental, offering an array of sizes and standards.

Inside the Starline Limo Bus, passengers can enjoy a wealth of incredible features, with the inside of the bus opening up a wonderland of party treats. These include:

  • Disco lighting (with a lazar show feature)
  • Two flat-screen televisions
  • Full surround sound music systems
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Luxury interior
  • Dance floors
  • Champagne fridges
  • And much more

Tips for a stress-free prom!

Having been offering prom car hire in the UK for many years we understand what makes for a smooth-running evening, assuming the role of prom party planners over the years. Tips that we regularly share with include the following:

  • Book your transport in as early as possible! With there being just a few UK prom dates rom cars and limo get booked out very quickly.
  • Choose a car that is big enough for your group. Too often do we see prom Queens with large dresses not booking big enough cars to accommodate their needs.
  • Book a tour! With prom being such a celebratory occasion many want to enjoy riding in a luxury vehicle for longer than just the one-way journey. By incorporating a tour of the city into your hire package you will be sure to make the most of prom.

So whether you're looking for Lincoln limo or a super stretched Hummer H2, let us do all the looking around and save you £££'s. To avoid disappointment and book early all you need to do is fill in our online quote form or call our sales team free on 0800 410 1515.

If you have hired a limousine from us for your school prom, please free to contact us your comments about the service we provided.

Our national prom car hireservice offers limo rental in all areas of the UK including (AB) Aberdeen, (AL) St Albans, (B) Birmingham, (BA) Bath, (BB) Blackburn, (BD) Bradford, (BH) Bournemouth, (BL) Bolton, (BN) Brighton, (BR) Bromley, (BS) Bristol, (BT) Belfast, (CA) Carlisle, (CB) Cambridge, (CF) Cardiff, (CH) Chester, (CM) Chelmsford, (CO) Colchester, (CR) Croydon, (CT) Canterbury, (CV) Coventry, (CW) Crewe, (DA) Dartford, (DD) Dundee, (DE) Derby, (DG) Dumfries, (DH) Durham, (DL) Darlington, (DN) Doncaster, (DT) Dorchester, (DY) Dudley, (E) East London, (EC) East Central London, (EH) Edinburgh, (EN) Enfield, (EX) Exeter, (FK) Falkirk, (FY) Blackpool, (G) Glasgow, (GL) Gloucester, (GU) Guildford, (HA) Harrow, (HD) Huddersfield, (HG) Harrogate, (HP) Hemel Hempstead, (HR) Hereford, (HS) Hebrides, (HU) Hull, (HX) Halifax, (IG) Ilford, (IP) Ipswich, (IV) Inverness, (KA) Kilmarnock, (KT) Kingston, (KW) Kirkwall, (KY) Kircaldy,(L) Liverpool, (LA) Lancaster, (LD) Llandrindod Wells, (LE) Leicester, (LL) Llandudno, (LN) Lincoln, (LS) Leeds, (LU) Luton, (M) Manchester, (ME) Medway, (MK) Milton Keynes, (ML) Motherwell, (N) North London, (NE) Newcastle, (NG) Nottingham, (NN) Northampton, (NP) Newport, (NR) Norwich, (NW) North West London, (OL) Oldham, (OX) Oxford, (PA) Paisley, (PE) Peterborough, (PH) Perth, (PL) Plymouth, (PO) Portsmouth, (PR) Preston, (RG) Reading, (RH) Redhill, (RM) Romford, (S) Sheffield, (SA) Swansea, (SE) South East London, (SG) Stevenage, (SK) Stockport, (SL) Slough, (SM) Sutton, (SN) Swindon, (SO) Southampton, (SP) Salisbury, (SR) Sunderland, (SS) Southend, (ST) Stoke on Trent, (SW) South West London, (SY) Shrewsbury, (TA) Taunton, (TD) Galashiels, (TF) Telford, (TN) Tunbridge Wells, (TQ) Torquay, (TR) Truro, (TS) Cleveland, (TW) Twickenham, (UB) Uxbridge, (W) West London, (WA) Warrington, (WC) West Central London, (WD) Watford, (WF) Wakefield, (WN) Wigan, (WR) Worcester, (WS) Walsall, (WV) Wolverhampton, (YO) York, (ZE) Lerwick, (JE) Jersey, (GY) Guernsey, (IM) Isle of Man, Berkshire, South Wales, North Wales, Kent, Hampshire, Surrey, Devon and all other UK major cities.

FAQs about Prom Cars and Transport Hire

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