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When planning a product launch for your new product or service, you want to do something different, creative, memorable and interesting. Many sales professionals dread attending product launches as they are expecting (and often getting) a long winded sales pitch via a dull PowerPoint presentation and being offered weak coffee and bitter tea.

An original and captivating presentation doesn't just happen. It is made in the planning, design, lighting and entertainment of your launch.

It is important that your audience are paying attention and enjoying themselves, not just for their own sanity, but if they are engaged in your presentation and interested in your product, you are more likely to be able to establish a profitable relationship with them.

Obviously the product you are launching defines the level of �wow' you want to leave your audience with. However, you should know your desired wow level and know what needs to be done to achieve it, not only in the planning but also in any necessary damage control on the day.

Incorporating comedy and laughter into your presentation and launch is a good way to snap your audience out of their boring expectations and into the virtues of your product. Making your audience laugh will relax them and allow them to open their minds to the fact that this launch isn't going to be like every other one they have been to and they will therefore be more willing to embrace the product you are offering them. However, make sure your comedy stylings are tasteful and relevant to your product and to your audience.

Many presentations will involve a technical aspect, be it the lighting, presentation software or music. All of these things need to be technically perfect so your presentation runs smoothly and professionally. It is best to hire a multimedia company to provide you with the items you need. They will be familiar with the products they are using and know exactly how to assemble, operate and dissemble them.

To keep your company in the technical age after the launch is over, have a CD-ROM made of the launch and the details of the new product for new clients who missed the launch or for invitees who couldn't make it. The CD should include all the details of the product and copies of the presentations shown, and if possible, a video of the event, all in the same style as the actual launch.

Keep the CD rom of your launch to show future clients and your own memories if the product launch takes off well.

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