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When it comes to hiring a stretch limo for a hen night or a wedding,the pink limo is perfect. It adds that extra flavour to the party, no matter what the occasion. The good news for our customers is that we have secured deals with limousine companies throughout the UK to offer some of the best pink limos in your local area. So by simply speaking to our sales office, you could save around 30% on your pink limousine rental.

Pink limo hire is one the becoming so highly popular that we have just launched a brand new website dedicated to pink limo hire. Not only for the hen parties but also for school proms. Our pink limo hire fleet is one of UK's largest, so whether you need to hire one or ten pink limos, we can arrange it. Pictured below is UK's one and only pink navigator 4x4 limo. Now that's really stylish! Get in touch now and see how much Limo Broker can help you save today.

We have added lots of new articles to our site(s) which should help you find exactly what you need. Whether you need information, advice or have any questions, we have added lot's of new articles all about hen nights, weddings, proms and much more. We have also added an article on how to organise a hen night or a hen weekend, please feel take a few minutes and read through the information which will help you, if you are organising a hen party.

If you are planning to get married and need some help on wedding ideas, check out our wedding articles. You will find links on how to prepare for your wedding, the do's and do's and dont's, hen ideas... and much more.

So, if you are looking to hire a pinklimousine, we can help! All you need to do is fill out our simple online quote form andour sales team will call you back as soon as possible. Or if you prefer to get an instant quotation, please call us on 0871 789 66 55.

Hiring pink limousines in your area has never been easier. As a Nationwide operator we can find you the perfect limo for your party. We have also signed up the UK's one and only pink fire engine limo (pictured on the left). Please note that this limo is only available in Cardiff, Newport, Bath, Bristol, Gwent and South Wales surrounding areas. Please call for further details.

We also offer other colour limos for hire Nationwide. Our limos are available in white, black, silver / grey, purple. If you're looking for something different like a fire engine limo or a stretch hummer limousine, get in touch with us now and see how we can help you organise your special day/night. If you are arranging the limo as a surprise, please choose the option when you are filling out the online quotation form.

Our national pink limousine hire service offers limo rental in all areas of the UK including (AB) Aberdeen, (AL) St Albans, (B) Birmingham, (BA) Bath, (BB) Blackburn, (BD) Bradford, (BH) Bournemouth, (BL) Bolton, (BN) Brighton, (BR) Bromley, (BS) Bristol, (BT) Belfast, (CA) Carlisle, (CB) Cambridge, (CF) Cardiff, (CH) Chester, (CM) Chelmsford, (CO) Colchester, (CR) Croydon, (CT) Canterbury, (CV) Coventry, (CW) Crewe, (DA) Dartford, (DD) Dundee, (DE) Derby, (DG) Dumfries, (DH) Durham, (DL) Darlington, (DN) Doncaster, (DT) Dorchester, (DY) Dudley, (E) East London, (EC) East Central London, (EH) Edinburgh, East Lothian, (EN) Enfield, (EX) Exeter, (FK) Falkirk, (FY) Blackpool, (G) Glasgow, (GL) Gloucester, (GU) Guildford, (HA) Harrow, (HD) Huddersfield, (HG) Harrogate, (HP) Hemel Hempstead, (HR) Hereford, (HS) Hebrides, (HU) Hull, (HX) Halifax, (IG) Ilford, (IP) Ipswich, (IV) Inverness, (KA) Kilmarnock, (KT) Kingston, (KW) Kirkwall, (KY) Kircaldy,(L) Liverpool, (LA) Lancaster, (LD) Llandrindod Wells, (LE) Leicester, (LL) Llandudno, (LN) Lincoln, (LS) Leeds, (LU) Luton, (M) Manchester, (ME) Medway, (MK) Milton Keynes, (ML) Motherwell, (N) North London, (NE) Newcastle, (NG) Nottingham, (NN) Northampton, Corby, Ketteing, Wellingborough, Northants, (NP) Newport, (NR) Norwich, (NW) North West London, (OL) Oldham, (OX) Oxford, (PA) Paisley, (PE) Peterborough, (PH) Perth, (PL) Plymouth, (PO) Portsmouth, (PR) Preston, (RG) Reading, (RH) Redhill, (RM) Romford, (S) Sheffield, (SA) Swansea, (SE) South East London, (SG) Stevenage, (SK) Stockport, (SL) Slough, (SM) Sutton, (SN) Swindon, (SO) Southampton, (SP) Salisbury, (SR) Sunderland, (SS) Southend, (ST) Stoke on Trent, (SW) South West London, (SY) Shrewsbury, (TA) Taunton, (TD) Galashiels, (TF) Telford, (TN) Tunbridge Wells, (TQ) Torquay, (TR) Truro, (TS) Cleveland, (TW) Twickenham, (UB) Uxbridge, (W) West London, (WA) Warrington, (WC) West Central London, (WD) Watford, (WF) Wakefield, (WN) Wigan, (WR) Worcester, (WS) Walsall, (WV) Wolverhampton, (YO) York, (ZE) Lerwick, (JE) Jersey, (GY) Guernsey, (IM) Isle of Man, Berkshire, South Wales, North Wales, Kent, Hampshire, Surrey, Devon, Middlesex, Slough, Reading, Northolt, Ealing, Hounslow, Uxbridge, Hayes, Nottingham, Sheffield, Leeds, Manchester, Warrington, Cardiff, Bristol, Newport, Swansea, Birmingham, Bradford, Halifax, Yorkshire, Manchester, Lancashire, Preston, Blackpool, Warrington, North West and all other UK major cities. Please call for more details.

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