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VW Launches 4WD Stretch Limousine

VW Launched stretch limos...

Volkswagen have been responsible for stretch limousines before, with their stretch VW Beetle now operating right here in the UK. Now VW have designed the world's first 4WD limousine.

The VW team have now come up with the Phaeton Lounge stretch limousine which can seat six passengers and is powered by a 420 horsepower W12 engine. The Phaeton is 22 foot long, that's over 6 metres, and is painted with a stylish, sleek piano black lacquer with chrome features.

Inside the stretch limo are wooden floorboards separated with aluminium strips, on top of which are seats with individually adjustable seats and foot rests, a 12 litre refrigerator, mini bar, fully stocked hand made oak and cedar humidor, DVD player with two 17� screen and concealed PC, Bluetooth and internet components. Like with all modern limousines created, the emphasis is on style and comfort, but there is everything you need to easily keep in touch on the road.

The Phaeton Lounge limousine was created with one concept in mind - to be the maximum that could be achieved. Therefore, every piece of the limousine has been specifically designed and tested with the future owners, drivers and passengers in mind. Through computer simulation each aspect of the limousine was tested for customer usability and satisfaction.

The Phaeton limousine was created from three different car bodies and is specially reinforced in the sill board and tunnel areas. The chassis of the vehicle is also reinforced to carry the tare weight of 3.5 tonnes. The power of the motor is then transferred to all four wheels, making the Phaeton the first limousine to have 4WD.

While the Phaeton is only a new release stretch limousine, there are many other limousines available from Limo Broker where you may even find your favourite car stretched and ready to help you celebrate.

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