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Hiring a Limousine for a Stag/Hen Night

Hiring a limo for a stag/hen night is one of the most common uses for our limos, people need to get a lot of people around and they often find it's cheaper than renting two taxis. Do you really want to spend the night in a beat up Vauxhall Cavalier driven by a grumpy minicab driver? If you rent a limo you can have a drink on your way to the venue, bring your own music and have a laugh with all your friends. All our drivers are professional chauffeurs and know their local areas like the back of their hand, they can get you there on time and won't sit there complaining about you enjoying yourselves.

So why should you hire a limo for your stag/hen night? We've outlined some of the advantages below:


1) Space. All your mates in one car. Some of our limos can hold up to 16 people, more than enough for an average stag/hen do.

2) Prestige. If you arrive at a club in a limo people assume that you're important and more often than not we have been able to use our reputation to secure free entry into the club. Please see below for more details.

3) Everyone in one vehicle. By far and away, the most obvious benefit of hiring a limousine is the social aspect. On a night like this you all want to be part of the celebration, with a limo you can start the celebrations on the way to the club with everybody present.

4) Choice of Cars. All our companies have the new style Lincoln Millennium limousines, but some can also offer speciality models such as a 16 seater SUV that makes a very bold statement, by far one of the most popular limousine hires for occasions such as this.

5) Freebies. One of our recent customers was visiting a club in Wales for his stag night (Q Jump) and we were able to arrange for free entry to the club, obviously our client was delighted with this because they went straight into the club without paying or waiting in line.


We can't think of any, can you?

So why not get an online quote now, we know that once you've travelled in a limousine, you'll never want to go back..

Our limousine hire in areas such as Wrexham, Kent, Ickenham, Hounslow, Weymouth, Wembley, Hertford, Heathrow, Tunbridge Wells, Swindon, Donnington, Colchester, Hazlemere, Port Talbot, Pontypridd, Northampton and Morecambe is second to none. Get a quote online now or call us for the best prices on Limousine Hire.

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