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Wedding Seasonal Colours

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Wedding Seasonal Colours

When choosing your wedding theme and colours there are a lot of things to consider, to make sure you get the look you have been dreaming of. Whether you choose your favourite colour or a colour that fits the season of your wedding, you should pick a base colour and build up your theme with similarly toned colours.

Your colour theme should also encompass every aspect of the wedding, this includes the bridesmaids, the cake, the flowers, tablecloths, limousines, church decorations�

Here are some colours which suit the season of your wedding if you are unsure where to start your colour palette. Spring weddings compliment the use of cool colours such as pastel pink, cream, lilac, sky blue mint green and soft silver. Summer suits colours such as mid-purples, peach, white, pale yellow and blue. Autumn coordinates with warm colours such as burgundy, deep red, copper and olive. And winter is the time for colours like ivory, coffee cream and silver greys and blues.

Colours also have their own meanings for example, light blue represents happiness and patience, while dark blue symbolises change. Green is representative of fertility and growth and orange of energy. Pink shows friendship and love while purple speaks of healing. Red represents courage, passion, protection and love. Yellow symbolises attraction and white is the symbol of peace, protection and purity.

It is easy to coordinate your wedding by spending a little time taking care of the details. After all, you don't want your wedding photos under a beautiful autumnal tree where its leaves will clash with your pink bridesmaids.

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