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Your wedding guests are there to help you celebrate the happiest day of your lives and there are several wedding traditions to help them do just that. Please take a few moment s to read through the information below which will help you understand what this means.

Bridal registry is not a new idea but it is still a huge help to wedding guests and for the happy couple. Not only can the bride and groom choose the store or stores they would like gifts from, they can also choose exactly what they need to stock their home for married life.

The trend is also not confined to homewares, as many couples are buying, building or renovating their love nest, they choose to register at a hardware or gardening store to help them complete their renovations.

Many couples are still saving up for their dream home, are looking at renovation on a larger scale or aren't quite sure what they want for their wedding gifts. These couples create a �wishing well' and invite their guests to put money into their wishing well to be spent by the couple at a later date.

In the same strain, some couples register with a travel agent and guests then pay towards the honeymoon as their gift. This allows the couple to choose exactly where they want to go, how long they want to stay and what they want to do and enjoy their honeymoon as a gift from their guests.

Your wedding is your opportunity to enjoy the biggest day of your life the way you want to, so why not enjoy the gifts the same way?

Bomboniere have come a long way from being simply a parcel of sugar coated almonds for each guest. Bomboniere, meaning �candy box' in Italian, are provided as a gift for your guests and a memento of your special day. Current trends include providing each table with a disposable camera to capture the special moments of each guest that the official photographer could never hope to encompass. There are even companies who will provide you with personalised covers to the cameras to fit in with your decorations. Please contact us as we may be able to organise this free of charge.

Another popular idea is to provide each guest a candle with the name of the bride and groom which guests are invited to light in a year's time to remember the wedding and wish the couple good luck.

More traditionally, bomboniere can include glasses with the couple's names, or even a stubbie holder.

So if you are one of those couples who like to be unique and remembered in everything you do, your imagination is the only limit to the form your bomboniere take.

There are lot's of other ways for your guest to remember your wedding but try to keep it unique and memorable.

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