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Wedding Cost - Who Pays for the Wedding

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Who Pays for the Wedding???

Many people simply assume that the bride's family pays for the entire wedding and ceremony; however it is actually divided quite equally in most modern weddings.

To give you a starting point for your own wedding budget - the groom will pay for the bride's engagement and wedding rings, church fees, transport for himself and his best man to the church and reception, corsages for both mothers, buttonholes for himself, his groomsmen, both fathers and the ushers, a gift for the bride, gifts for all attendants, the honeymoon and the bride's bouquet.

The bride will pay for flowers for herself and her bridesmaids, the groom's wedding ring, her going away outfit and a gift for the groom.

The bride's family will pay for the engagement notice, the engagement party, wedding stationery, flowers and decorations for the church and reception, the wedding cake, the wedding reception, the photographer, the bridal gown and the hire of wedding cars. The groom's family will pay for the drinks at the engagement party and reception and can negotiate with the bride's family to share the costs of the wedding.

The groomsmen pay for their suit hire and the buck's night party, while the bridesmaids pay for their own dresses, the bridal shower and the hen's night.

Since all of the above can be quite costly make sure you are open in your discussions with regards to the allocation of who pays for each part of the wedding and make sure everyone in the bridal party is clear about their responsibilities so nothing is overlooked.


Most Asian/Indian traditional weddings are paid by the bride's parents. Saying that, doesn't mean that they have to pay for the grooms costs etc. This basically means that they pay for most things such as catering, wedding venue costs, wedding car hire for the bride, wedding decorations, gifts for family of the bride and the groom. This can get very expensive for Asian weddings but it's traditional and most people follow this rule. Only very few modern weddings are breaking away from these traditions.

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