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We often share special events with our friends and family over a meal and a glass of wine. Your wedding day is no exception and your wedding catering needs to be carefully planned to be acceptable to all of your guests and to your budget.

When considering your wedding menu make sure you consider the following; budget, number of guests, style of menu, style/theme of wedding, season and any special requirements.

Having a cocktail reception is one way to reduce your wedding catering costs. This particularly suits a garden wedding as guests can mingle casually while being served by waiting staff from trays of food ad drink. This does however influence the type of food served as most guests will be standing and eating with their fingers.

If some of your guests have special dietary requirements such as vegan, vegetarian, cultural or diabetic, this can be easily catered for too.

The traditional wedding catering is an a-la-carte menu with a sit down meal and personal table service where guests can often choose between two options for each course.

Before the formal wedding meal begins, guests can be served hors d'oeuvres and pre-dinner drinks. Drinks are usually included in wedding catering packages and are charged depending on how long the drink service runs. If you are feeling generous you can provide an open bar for your guests or put a limited tab on the bar. Some reception venues will also allow you bring your own wines and simply charge you a corkage fee.

Most of your bridal party and many of your guests will not have had the chance to eat much on the day of the wedding due to other commitments or nerves. The reception is a chance to relax as the day has gone smoothly and it is time to celebrate. Therefore you want to make sure the meal you serve your guests is as perfect as the rest of your wedding day.

There are lots wedding caterers you can choose from. Again, this all depends on your wedding theme and style. If you want to do something a bit different why not go for asian / Indian wedding catering companies who specialise in large weddings. Or even chinese would be something different. Again, this will all depend on the style of your wedding / reception.

The above information is a guideline to what's to offer from wedding catering companies. But these are 100's of other ideas out there and surely there's one which suits your wedding perfectly.

We hope you found our wedding catering article useful. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

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