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Welcome to our wedding budget article. Here you can find all the information and advice on how to stick to a wedding budget.

Whether you need advice about a catering, flowers or even wedding car hire in UK, you will find all the answers on this website.

While no bride wants to cut corners when planning her wedding, the prices of a modern wedding are likely to steer you right off the road. So here are some simple suggestions to help you start out your married life with wonderful wedding memories not a scary wedding debt.

Saturday evening is the most popular time at any venue and the room hire prices reflect this. You will save a heap of money by moving your wedding to another day, or even to the morning or afternoon.

The prices of wedding cakes can make you sick, so try and avoid decorations such as handmade sugar flowers, obscure shapes, fruit fillings, fondant icing and deep colours - try pastels they're cheaper.

When catering a wedding, avoid hor d'oeurves if you can. If not, limit your choices as many people won't even notice how many different options there are. Also, consider just providing champagne for the toast and allowing your relatives to pass out on their own wallets.

If you are having a buffet line, ask for serving staff to work it. It will look impressive to your guests and they will never know you are limiting how much they each have. You may also be able to choose the same menu as another function at your venue and this will cut the supply costs down.

Your wedding reception is one of the best parties you'll ever throw, but having everyone you've ever met there, is impractical and costly. So when writing your guest list, consider who you really want to be there.

There are tonnes of ways you can save money on your wedding and reception. All you have to do is shop around. Visit the wedding supply shops you like and compare their prices and value. Also, don't be afraid to ask for a discount or offer to pay cash, it is amazing how much it can save you.

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