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Choosing Your Wedding Car

Choosing Your Wedding Car

You may not realise, but your wedding car is one of the most important items to ensure your wedding day runs smoothly. Your wedding day is all about running to schedule, if you are late to the church the ceremony will be late, the photographer will be rushed and the booking for the reception venue will run long, and be more expensive.

Therefore, there are a few things you need to remember when choosing your wedding car.

wedding limo hire

When booking your wedding cars or limos, you are running a big risk by choosing a limo company that does not specialise in weddings. Limo hire companies which get most of their business from airport transfers or business lunches are more likely to cancel your booking for a bigger client. In the best circumstances you would have chosen a reputable hire company who wouldn't do that anyway but you are still running a risk.

All Out

Make sure you start looking for the wedding cars you want early, around 4-8 months before the wedding. Then when you find the cars you want, put a deposit on them then and secure them.

Ask Around

Ask people you know who have been married recently about their wedding car experience and either learn from their mistakes or follow in their satisfied footsteps. Likewise, ask your photographer is they can recommend a limo hire company as they are likely to have contacts within the wedding industry.

Eyes Wide Open

Make sure you actually see the cars you are hiring for yourself; sit in them, examine the paintwork and upholstery and keep a nose out for any unpleasant odours. Also, this should be done before you sign the contract.

Here Comes the Bridesmaids

When hiring your wedding cars you may get a shock at the price for hiring three or four top of the range limos for yourself and your attendants. Therefore, the current tread is towards a fancier car for the bride and groom and more simple cars for the rest of the bridal party.

Be Noticed

White may be the traditional colour for wedding cars but it may not be such a good choice for the car of the bride and groom as the effect of a bride with a white dress next to a white car is going to be diminished. Therefore, choose a colour which matches your colour scheme or even a two toned limo.

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