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Vow Renewal Wedding Traditions

Vow Renewal Wedding Traditions...

If you have decided to renew your wedding vows, you may not be sure where wedding traditions end and reaffirmation traditions begin, so here are some details to help you decide what to include in your ceremony.

What you wear is totally up to you, again it is your day and if you want to wear your original dress you can, or you can splash out a buy a gorgeous new cocktail dress or a fancy suit. This all depends of the formality of the event.

You shouldn't wear a veil as this is a sign of purity and innocence, only appropriate for a young, first time bride. However you can substitute a hat or flowers in your hair and wear a corsage of flowers or even recreate your original wedding bouquet.

The groom can also wear his original wedding outfit and update it with a new cravat, vest or tie. Or he too may want a whole new suit for this equally special occasion, to which he can add a gift his wife has bought him - cuff links, a chain or a watch.

While having official attendants at a reaffirmation is unnecessary, as the vows are not legally binding and don't need to be witnessed, you may want to have your original wedding party stand with you to show their love and support.

To involve your children who may have missed out on the first wedding, have them perform a reading during the ceremony or have your children escort you down the aisle and �give you away'. Or, since you have already been living as husband and wife, walk down the aisle together.

With regards to gifts, it is not appropriate to compile a wedding register as you will more than likely already have everything you need. The reaffirmation is about you and your partner and sharing your love. Also you wouldn't hold a shower and create more work for yourself by turning an intimate reaffirmation into a week long event. Another way to avoid gifts is simply invite your guests to a �party' and surprise them with the ceremony, or ask them to give a donation to your favourite charity.

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