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Types Of Confetti

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Types Of Confetti

When your mother was married, she probably had rice or paper confetti thrown at her as she left the church after the ceremony. Well times have changed and rice has been found to be bad for wildlife if they eat it and paper confetti can be hard for the environment to break down and is often banned from use.

There are however, so many new ideas, shapes, sizes and material for confetti that there will be something to match your wedding theme.

Confetti can either be used to shower the bride and groom as they leave the church after the reception, or it can be used to scatter over the tablecloths at the wedding reception.

Flower petals are often used to shower the bridal couple and they can be a collection of dried rose petals, delphinium or a variety of other flowers which suit your theme. Flower petals also come in a range of different colours, sizes and textures.

You can also buy the dried rose buds to scatter over tablecloths at your wedding reception. The freeze-dried buds still retain their fragrance and add a very romantic look to your decorations.

There is also a variety of metallic and iridescent confetti which come in different colours, as well as colours which change with the light. These look stunning scattered across white tablecloths and can be mixed together or used separately. These confetti come in the shape of hearts, cherubs, �just married' lettering, flowers, stars and you can even have personalised confetti made in the shape of you and your partner's married initials.

There is also the traditional paper confetti available which is made from biodegradable tissue paper and can be used to scatter over tables, over the bride and groom or over the lawn or pathway for photos.

There are many different modern options for confetti and it is up to your imagination to choose the one which will give the most magical and romantic effect for your wedding day.

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