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Honeymoons in the Sun...

With the often dreary weather of Britain you would be forgiven for wanting to experience a week or two of sun and sand on your honeymoon. You'll feel better from the extra sunlight, you'll come back with a tan and you'll be able to drink out of as many coconuts as you want.

After the wedding reception, you can even organise to be taken straight to the airport. Your limousine will be waiting for you as your friends and family wave you off for your Caribbean honeymoon!

The Caribbean Islands offer a variety of cultures, foods, activities and all of them offer you a chance to spend your first holiday as a married couple enjoying the sun and the pristine beaches of these tropical islands.

Most resorts around the Caribbean are all inclusive so you don't have to worry about getting your purse out each time you have a meal, order room service or take part in the holiday activities the hotel has planned for you.

In the Caribbean you have the choice of a number of islands, including Antigua which has a strong British history and 365 beaches! On Antigua you will also be able to swim with dolphins.

Aruba has dazzling beaches which attract tropical winds perfect for wind surfing. Aruba's Dutch heritage means there is also plenty of gaming action at their casinos.

In Barbados they are proud of their British heritage and require more formality than the other islands; jackets are required for dinner, but who doesn't love to dress up anyway? There are also opportunities for scuba diving and snorkelling the reef which runs all the way around the island. You will also be able to watch horse racing and polo matches while marvelling at this mix of cultures.

Bermuda has pink coral beaches which contrast beautifully to the perfect turquoise blue oceans and the atmosphere on this self-governed island is relaxed at any time of the day. On Bermuda you will be able to explore the lush green hillsides or rent a two person motor scooter and race along the coastline

The average temperature for most of the islands is 70-800F, all year round and is perfect to enjoy the tropical sun of the Caribbean islands for your sun drenched honeymoon.

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