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There are may interview and variety shows out there at the moment and they all blur together as they all have the same stars, ask the same questions, sit in the same studios with the same hosts.

Well while we all want to hear about what the celebrities are up to we don't want to watch all of the interview shows. Therefore, the shows must strive to grab our attention in new and different ways.

This is exactly what Anna Best and Simon Poulter achieved with their creation of the Limo Day project.

Limo Day was one of three projects commissioned by Grizedale Arts (UK). Artists Anna and Simon created a video in which they were riding in a limo across the English Lake District, interviewing local celebrities.

Anna and Simon hired a stretch limo for one day from nearby Penrith and took the limousine to the Lake District National Park. Then, by word of mouth, the artists contacted local celebrities in the area to be involved. After their selection, the celebrities would travel in the limousine and talk about their lives in the Lake District area.

Celebrities who were chosen to be interviewed included an estate agent, Ralph Spours, a local Santa Clause and a rally driver, David Shuttleworth.

At the Grizedale Arts Show, Limo Day was them shown to the audience, inside the limo, while it was driving along.

So as you can see, limos can be used for many different events and your imagination is the limit as to the fun you can have when you hire a limo. For more information about limos available in your area, contact Limo Broker now.

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