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Snow Honeymoon

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Snow Honeymoon

Snow makes everything look magical, still and silent and can make you feel like you are the only person in the world when you are under its blanket. This magical feeling leads to many couples married every year choosing a snow honeymoon to begin their new lives together.

The best way to explore the snowy areas is in proper snow shoes. Travelling in snow shoes allows you to travel to more obscure and private places than if you were skiing or snowboarding.

There are plenty of areas in the UK which receive a high snow fall during the winter months and right into the New Year. There are also many other parts of the world which are covered in snow if you are getting married in the warmer months in the UK, for example, Victoria, Australia or Sierra or Nevada in the USA.

Snow shoeing is a great way to explore and it is very easy to learn after a few lessons, and if you are into fitness you'll be happy to know that snow shoeing can burn up to 1,000 calories an hour.

There are many snow resorts which will be able to offer lessons and guide you through beginner's tails. You can even hire the snow gear once you arrive to start your honeymoon in the snow. You will also be given a run through of things to remember when heading out. The rules are much the same as for bushwalking - take enough water and sunscreen, stick together�

After all of your exploration, you can still find a charming winter cabin to come back to and warm yourself by the fire at night. Many cabins and resorts in the snowy areas are run by couples and are run like a hostel where the guests help with the cooking and upkeep while they are there. You will also find the typical log cabin in the snowy wilderness where you and your partner can have a bit more privacy and have one of these cabins to yourself.

However you choose to explore the snow on your honeymoon, it is sure to be a memorable stay in a wintry wonderland of snow, exploration and time spent by the fire.

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