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There are many reasons that people will walk down the aisle more than once in their lives. They may have lost their partner in an accident, to disease or they may have simply grown apart. Whatever the circumstances, there is no reason your second marriage can't be just as special as your first.

When you are organising your second (or third) wedding, you and your fiance will most likely be established in your working and personal lives and want to pay for, and therefore host, your own wedding. So how do you address your invitations?

The wedding invitations will reflect the formality of your second wedding and may simply state Joanne Jones and Joseph Smith invite you to join in the celebration of their marriage'. Or The pleasure of your company is requested at the marriage of Joanne Jones and Joseph Smith'.

As with many couples being married for a second time, there are often children involved. A nice way to show their support for the union and their commitment to their new family is for the children to host the wedding. In this case the invitations will read with the oldest children to the youngest, with the bride's children followed by the groom's.

You can announce your second wedding in the traditional way - in the newspaper, by phone, email and an engagement party. The first people you should tell though are your children, your parents and your ex-spouse. By telling your parents and ex, they will be able to help you support and explain what is happening, to your children.

When you have announced a second wedding, remove any remnants of your old partner - your first engagement ring, old jewellery gifts, etc, this should be a whole new experience not bogged down in the past.

Your parent's will probably not host your second engagement party, there are no rules against it but you should not host it either. A close friend or family member may wish to do this for you.

When making your guest list, you should not invite ex-in-laws or ex-spouses no matter how well you get along. They may become depressed or resentful during the wedding and other guests may feel uncomfortable around them.

While many arrangements remain the same when planning your second marriage, there are a few extra things that need to be considered to ensure another magical day.

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