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Much about the organisation of your second wedding will be the same as your first - the guests, the catering, the wedding cars, etc. However, there are several very important things that have changed this time around.

When getting married for a second time you may have reservations about splurging on your wedding gown again. However, your second wedding is your chance to celebrate a new beginning, a new chapter in your life and you should choose a gown you feel comfortable with.

Previously, many wedding etiquette experts would have condemned the woman who wanted to wear a traditional white wedding dress on her second wedding day. However, it is now quite acceptable for any bride of any age to walk down the aisle in a white wedding gown of any style, if she chooses.

While the entire second wedding will most likely be a less formal affair, the bride's dress usually reflects this choice. If you feel uncomfortable about wearing white, you may wish to opt for off-white. You may choose a tailored suit or cocktail dress you will be able to wear after the wedding. After all, before the wedding of Queen Victoria, brides were married in dresses of every colour and style.

For your second marriage, a train and veil are considered inappropriate as they symbolise youth and innocence. Therefore you may wish to substitute flowers or a hat to cover your head. The bride's attendant should similarly be dressed less traditionally.

To involve you children in your second wedding, you may want to have them repeat vows during the ceremony too. The children's vows are taken after the bride and groom, in which the children promise to support their parent and their new partner.

You may also wish to complete a family medallion ceremony where each member is presented with a medallion on which is three linked circles. These circles represent the strength of a family bond and the enduring love of family members. The symbol is taken from the Old Testament Book of Ecclesiastes which says that a cord of three strands is not easily broken'.

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