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Secluded Honeymoon...

You will more than likely spend the days leading up to your wedding and the wedding day itself greeting, chatting, organising and berating a million different people, to the point that you may not want to see another person ever again.

Well as soon as you leave for your honeymoon, that can be arranged. You and your partner can escape relatives, hotel staff and caterers and head for Tahiti where you can indulge in privacy and beauty of this unique group of islands.

While spending your honeymoon in Tahiti you can explore the beaches, take in the vibrant colours, swim in the warm Pacific waters and revel in the friendliness of the locals.

You will also experience a fusion of culture as while the locals speak French and the restaurants serve French food, you will also have the choice of Polynesian speciality dishes and the luxury of European hotels.

Of the French Polynesian Islands, Tahiti is home to the capital, Papeete, but you should also make time to explore the other islands too. Tahiti is the largest island where you can indulge in French wine, while marvelling at the mix of cultures. The island of Moorea is a half hour ferry ride away and is less developed than Tahiti but you will find breathtaking mountain peaks jutting up from the lush flora of the island. Bora Bora is quieter again and has several resorts which overlook the turquoise waters of the lagoon.

Many of the other islands in the group such as Raiatea, Tahaa, Huahine and Rangiroa are smaller again and offer the perfect place for a romantic adventure in the seclusion and beauty of their surroundings. These islands also still have resorts available to allow you to return to the modern luxuries you are used to, after enjoying the seclusion of these unique islands on a very romantic honeymoon adventure.

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