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School Prom Reminders...

The school prom is a special night for every boy and girl. It is the end of school, they are moving out to work or college and they finally get to trade their uniforms for stilettos, sequins and suits.

Getting your kids ready for their prom can be an ordeal, they want everything to be perfect but they don't want their parents to ruin it - 'what would you know about going to prom!?'

We can guarantee that you won't go wrong if you hire your son or daughter and their friends a limo for the night. They will be able to sit together and talk on the way there - 'my hair took 3 hours', 'my feet hurt already', 'does my dress look tight?'.

The kids will also thank you for the ride in a limo as they will be able to have tour of their neighbourhood before they get under way or even a cruise around the city before they are dropped off. For most school students this will be one of the few chances they will have to ride in a limousine and they'll want to take advantage of it.

When getting your daughter ready for her prom, you may want to spoil her by getting her hair and makeup done professionally. Apart from her wedding day, her prom will probably be the only other time she will have a chance to sit in a professional makeup chair.

In the lead up to the prom you may think that finding the right dress was a drama. Well it will be nothing compared to the drama of finding a bag and shoes to match that dress so start looking early.

To help your son or daughter remember their prom night, buy them a small disposable camera to put in their bag or pocket to take shots of their friends, of the venue and even of their limo. While most schools will organise for professional photographers, there is nothing like candid shots taken by teens.

By hiring your son or daughter a limo for their prom you can also ensure that they have transport after the prom is over, to take them to the after party, to a friend's house to sleep or home after their big debut.

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