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Reaffirmation Ceremony And Reception

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Reaffirmation Ceremony And Reception

You may be thinking about renewing your wedding vows to relive an eloped marriage or splurge and create the wedding you couldn't afford when you were younger. So, are you wondering how a reaffirmation ceremony is different to an actual wedding ceremony?

At the reaffirmation ceremony, you will recite vows to each other. These may be the same ones you said at the original wedding ceremony, but more likely they will be ones you have written yourselves to express the changes you have gone through together, how your love has changed, how your partner has supported you and helped you grow and what you hope for your future together. Also, by writing all of these feelings down you have a very special piece of writing to keep as it is not often that married couples write each other love letters.

After completing your vows, you will exchange rings; these may be the original rings with a new message engraved or new rings for this occasion. You may also want your children and friends to do readings accompanied by hymns or your favourite love songs.

Your vow renewal reception can be as traditional, or not, as you like. You can play your original wedding video if you have one and display the original wedding photos or if you eloped, display the pictures of your first ceremony and the trip. If you have been married for a while you could also display your family photos of the years in between your vows.

If you are having a large party, you may want to set up a receiving line to introduce your children and your family to some of your new friends. As the hosts, you and your partner will be at the head of the line.

You can have a dance floor, a DJ, cake - even have the cake from your wedding recreated. At some point you and your partner can propose a toast to each other and to your family and friends for sharing the day with you and they may even like to say a few words for you too.

To complete the reaffirmation, you and your partner may want to take a holiday and return to the place you had your honeymoon, even to the hotel you stayed in if possible. And don't forget to nominate or hire a photographer to capture your second special day for many more years to come.

We hope this article was useful. If you require any other wedding realted information please visit our news page.

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