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Welcome to Limo Broker, the UKs leading limo rental company offering some of the most exotic and unique limousines for hire in all areas of the UK. The stretched Range Rover Sport limo and Vogue limos are now available from us, in most areas of the UK. Current colours available are in silver, grey, white, black and coming soon.. pink! Please contact us for more details on 0871 789 66 55. Please click here to view the White Range Rover Limo.

If you are not looking to hire a Range Rover limo, we also have a fleet of many more unique limos for hire such as the BMW X5 limo, Ford Excursion, Porsche Cayenne, Audi Q7 limo and many more. Please click here to view more jeep limos.

Here are some images of other 4x4 jeep limos...

The Range Rover Mayfair...

The Range Rover Mayfair Limo Edition manufactured by Mayfair International, was designed to satisfy the needs of a very special group of Range Rover customers. The Mayfair is available as a Mayfair 300 or a Mayfair 600, being 300 or 600mm longer than a standard Range Rover in the rear foot wells to maximise space, comfort and leg room and provide unique 1st class road travel in utter luxury and style.

Available with Land Rovers new Supercharged 4.2 litre 396bhp V8, new naturally aspirated 4.4 306bhp V8 or the turbo diesel engine.

One of the main criticisms of the Range Rover is that for a large car, the leg room is only just adequate in the rear compartment. Mayfair International have developed a solution that tailors the car to the customer's exact requirements, including -

Enhanced exterior styling
Full length panoramic glass roof
Exclusive interior styling
Electric reclining aircraft style rear seats
Business/personal audio visual systems (Wi-Fi)TV/DVD
Engraving/embossing to the interior trim.
Armouring to level B6 and above, available on request.

As you might hope, the work is all carried out to original equipment standards and full structural integrity is of course preserved.

The Mayfair goes above and beyond what the standard Range Rover body-shell offers - it is a prestige 4x4 that embodies the luxury of a limousine with the road manners of a tourer. Its niche market appeal simply adds to its class and exclusivity, complementing an already desirable brand. It is fair to say that the Range Rover already has higher status than any remotely equivalent car and the Mayfair takes this to a whole new level. The Mayfair is intended to enthrall its prospective buyers and open up a whole new segment in the 4x4 and limousine market with a vehicle that covers both.

Full armouring is available upon request, incorporating advanced armour and security systems into what is already a superb vehicle design, the armoured Range Rover Mayfair offers the best of both worlds.
Comprehensive protection has been allied with supreme comfort and legendary on and off-road performance.

Mayfair International, a UK based company, are based in Windsor, Berkshire, England, with distribution networks through Stratstones of Mayfair in London.

All Sales enquiries for the Mayfair - Please Contact:

David Stones of Stratstones of Mayfair
Land Rover Dealership
14 Berkeley Street
London W1J 8DX

The following key features are incorporated;

Reclining Comfort Seats
Specially designed for the Mayfair, the two aircraft style reclining seats in the rear of the car increase the comfort and well-being of the passengers. The seats can be reclined, lowering the back-rest and raising a leg-rest into multiple positions, giving full body support and ultimately maximizing passenger comfort. The seats are fully heated and contoured in the softest leather, complementing the Range Rovers high quality interior.

Panoramic Glass Roof
The fixed, tinted full length Panoramic Glass Roof (with optional blind) allows greater light into the cabin, whilst giving a more soothing view that can be eliminated at a touch of a button, moving a blind across the full length of the Panoramic Roof and thus reducing daylight into the cabin if so desired.

Whilst relaxing in comfort, the Passenger can view entertainment via the DVD screens incorporated into the head-rests or back-rests of the seats in front of them, giving access to TV, DVD and CD player choices, operated by remote control.

Rear Centre Console incorporating fridge with 2 glasses
Bespoke sculptured rear console, adding to the 'champagne' travel experience, incorporating recesses for 2 crystal glasses, 2 crystal decanters and a refrigerator.

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