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Ask the Right Limo Hire Questions

Depending on the reason you are hiring a limo, you probably have very specific ideas about what your limo will look like. However, many of these ideas may not be fully formed in your mind and so you therefore forget to ask about them. Or you simply assume that all limos have certain things the same and so you don't need to ask.

However, just like snowflakes, not all limos or limo hire companies are the same and it pays to check on every niggling issue you have on your mind before you sign the hire contract. For example, you may assume that your limo will be clean and clear of advertising and decals, after all it is a hired limo, not a bus.

This unfortunately this is not always the case and if this is something which will bother you or affect your limo hire event, you need to find out all about what is printed on your hired limo. For example, many limo hire companies will have their name and phone number stencilled or stuck somewhere on their limo as a small type of advertising so that people who see the limo and like what they see, know who to contact to hire it.

However, having writing on the back window of a wedding limo for example will obscure the tulle and cheapen the appearance of this classy limousine to that of a billboard. You may also have hired the limo for a funeral and on seeing the limo with the limo hire company's advertising on the side, don't feel it is appropriate for the situation.

If a limo hire company does admit that their limos have decals to match their company colours or their name is plastered somewhere on the limo, if you request a limo without these �extras' they should be able to provide a clean one, or be able to remove them from your chosen limo before the event.

However, if it is a hassle for the limo hire company to remove their advertising, consider whether they are really looking after you and your event or whether they are simply looking for more exposure. So, to help you choose the right limo, you may need the help of the experts.

At Limo Broker we know all the right questions to ask when hunting down a limo for you so contact us now to start the search.

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