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Proms are a special night for every school student, this is why it is important that you make your position on the Prom Committee count and make informed and relevant choices about the venue, the transport and the biggest night of your young lives.

When choosing a venue you need to consider some important factors. For example, don't choose a venue that is too big or too small for the number of people coming. Your first choice of hotel may be gorgeous but if it's too small, it's too small.

To create a more formal and luxurious atmosphere, pick a venue with high ceilings as this will make the space look larger and feel more open. There are plenty of places to choose from around town; wedding reception venues are often a good place to start looking as a prom and a wedding reception are quite similar events with regards to dance floor space, tables, seating, DJ and speeches. Just make sure you ask up front how much it will cost before you get carried away with your planning.

There are also some more unique options available such as cruise ships which include function rooms with everything you need as well as plenty of space on the deck to enjoy the stars.

When choosing a venue make sure it has prom experience and understands your requirements and is easily accessible both inside the hall as well as for the vehicles dropping you off outside.

Also check what is included in the cost of the hire - food, security, DJ, decorations and transport discounts.

Some function venues will be affiliated with limousine hire companies and can provide hire at a lower cost. Make sure you check out the limos before you tell your classmates, as there may be a reason they are cheaper. An alternative is to approach a limo hire company and offer them the business of all of your class in return for a group booking discount. Often all you have to do is ask in these cases and if they agree, it will be one less cost for you and your friends and leave more money you can spend on your dress.

So make sure you consider these issues and take your position on the Prom Committee seriously as without proper transport or a nice venue, you will be disappointed by the atmosphere of the night, if you get there at all.

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