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Prom Party Countdown

Prom Party Countdown...

Prom Final Countdown List

The last month before your prom may seem like an eternity, but four weeks is a very short time to get prepared for the biggest event of your school life.

Therefore here is a prom final countdown list to help you make sure you don't forget anything.

In the 30 days before your prom you will need to pick up your dress. Try it on again and have an alterations made as soon as possible.

Walk around in your prom shoes to break them in and get used to walking comfortably and confidently in them.

Order your date's boutonniere at least two weeks before the prom as well as reminding him to order your corsage and tell him whether you would like it to be a wrist or pinned style.

Make a list of the things still left to be done - picking up your dress after alterations, dates of hair appointments etc, then make a second list of everything you need to take with you on the night - extra pantyhose, makeup kit, camera, safety pin.

Then call to confirm all of your appointments, this includes hair, makeup, nails and the limo hire company.

It is also important that you get plenty of rest to ensure you have plenty of energy on your prom night and that you don't have ugly bags under your eyes.

Finally, in the last two days try to remember not to panic, pack your purse with everything on your list above, make sure you get to all of your appointments, pick up the boutonniere and remind your date to pick up your corsage and his tux.

Then all you have to do is make sure your parents have a camera to capture your stylish departure in your limo and the rest is up to you to keep snapping memories with your pocket camera and having the time of your life.

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