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Presidential Limousines

If you are looking for the best limousine in luxury, style and class, why not check out what the President of the USA is driving around in (well, being driven around in).

Cadillac have released their new 2006 DTS limousine and it has had its first official debut as the car of the President, in the Presidential Inaugural Parade in January.

The limousine is modelled on the regular DTS with the front and rear facias featuring the signature Cadillac grille, centre mounted wreath and crest badge, high intensity xenon headlamps and LED taillights.

Cadillacs are fast becoming the iconic Presidential car in the USA, a relationship Cadillac are happy to continue. The Presidential version of the DTS limousine is a longer, wider and taller version of the model which will be released to the public later this year. The Presidential limo is also equipped with state of the art protection and communication systems.

The DTS limousine can seat up to six people with the option of a fold away desktop in the rear seat for meetings. The rear seats also have an adjustable reclining feature, as well as an adaptive system which senses the position of the passenger and automatically adjusts the cushion for maximum comfort.

Of course the limo also includes a 10 disc CD player. The interior is made up of wood features and blue leather and cloth. There is also an embroidered Presidential seal on the rear seat and seals fixed to the exterior of the rear doors. US flags fly from the front of the vehicle and high intensity discharged spotlights illuminate the flag at night.

The new DTS model will soon be available to the public and what better car to hire for your next function than the stylish, powerful and world famous Cadillac DTS limousine.

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