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pink limousines are setting a new trend to the hen and prom parties all over the world. Our statistics show that the demand for pink limousine hire has grown to a massive 39% over the past 4 months compared to a year ago where we were hiring just around 8% pink limousines.

The argument against this scenario would be that there were very few pink limos in the UK 12 months ago where now there's 100's of them in the country.

The first pink limo was a Lincoln Towncar which was sprayed from white to pink but now coach builders are spraying them in various colours at the factory.

You can now choose form some of the best pink limo models such as the pink jeep limousine (pictured on the left) the pink Chrysler (pictured on the right) and many more. Soon, there will be pink of every model including a pink Hummer limousine. Now that's really stylish!

As the demand for pink limosine hire grows, we believe that we must stay well ahead of our competitors and therefore have just launched a brand new site dedicated to pink limo hire. This site will help you find each and every answer to your questions. Whether you need hen night ideas or advice on how to organise a hen weekend then check out this new site!

We hope you found this information useful. Please feel free to send us your feedback by e-mail.

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