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Mother Of The Bride Or Groom

For many mothers of the bride or groom, it is their big day too and they want to look and feel special and beautiful, but still comfortable.

Depending on whether the wedding is in the afternoon or evening influences the formality of the mother of the bride's outfit. Afternoon weddings tend to suit a suit or dress of mid length, while evening wear with beaded or jewelled additions look elegant in a longer sweeping style.

What the mothers wear also depends on the time of year, as while reception venues will be climate controlled, the wedding photos may be outside and the church may not be heated or cooled adequately.

The mother of the bride will also want to fit in with the bridal party and so she may opt for a cream or beige outfit to compliment the bride. However, you still need to remember that everyone has colours that look good on them, if the bridesmaids are in neutral colours too, mother of the bride can choose almost any colour she wants.

The mother of the groom may be feeling left out with no daughter to dress up, however the mother of the bride can help her choose a style by sharing whether she will be wearing a long or short dress, a hat and how formal she will be.

Brides and grooms often accompany their mothers when choosing their outfits and your children are often very honest about what looks good or not, especially when it's their wedding you're shopping for. You may even want to take a swatch of the fabric from the bridesmaids' dresses to help the mothers of the bride and groom coordinate.

If you are having your mother of the bride outfit made or adjusted, visit the dressmaker several weeks before the wedding to ensure the correct fitting. Until then you can choose jewellery, bag, shoes or hat while your outfit is being perfected.

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