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Meanings Of Roses

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Meanings Of Roses

We've all seen beautiful roses and flowers but only a few of us know the meanings of roses. We have added this article to help our readers find information about what roses actually mean. Please read on...

Courtship in the Victorian era involved the gentleman presenting his lady with a bouquet of flowers, each flower holding a special meaning and creating a bouquet of flowers full of love. The arrangement and content of these bouquets developed as did the relationship, until finally the bride walked down the aisle on her wedding day with the most meaningful bouquet.

When creating your final wedding bouquet, you may want to consider the messages and meanings flowers can send.


For example, many of us associate red roses with love as red roses represent the creative spirit of love. While red roses send love, they also represent respect and courage. Rose buds can also represent innocence and beauty, red rosebuds convey purity and white symbolise girlhood.


Back in Victorian times, the yellow rose meant jealousy, however it is given today in friendship. The yellow rose also represents familiar love and happiness.


White roses convey loyalty and love in friendship. The bloom of white roses in Scotland in autumn was seen to represent an early marriage while the white rose is also recognised as the bridal rose and of symbolising reverence, humility, innocence and purity by meaning �you are heavenly'.


The beauty of the pink rose symbolises grace, elegance and refinement. More specifically deep pink conveys gratitude, while light pink speaks of admiration or sympathy.


The purple rose represents enchantment as well as the need to proceed cautiously. While priests wear purple during Lent - a time of discretion - it can also symbolise opulence.

If you are planning on including roses in your wedding bouquet, you now know a bit about their history. However combining different rose colours can create new meaning. For example, red and white roses together, or white roses with red edges, symbolise unity and red and yellow roses represent happy feelings.

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