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May Day Celebrations

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May Day Celebrations

May Day is the traditional celebration of the end of winter and the coming of summer and in a country as typically wintry as London, you can understand why this day is awarded a Bank Holiday.

Many May Day celebrations carried out today date back to traditions from hundreds of years ago, yet have a decidedly modern twist. However, you and your friends can choose to celebrate this day anyway you choose.

You may decide to pack up and go on a picnic in the country and while many of us enjoy a good picnic, we don't want to leave all of our creature comforts behind. Therefore why not hire a limo to take you and your friends on your picnic and then you can all really celebrate, as well as having the chauffeur help load and unload your picnicking equipment and drive you all safely home.

Or you can go with one of the common celebrations listed below, but remember, May Day is above all a celebration so make sure you celebrate in style.

In some areas the May Day celebrations actually start at sunset on April 30, such as floral decorations and processions.

A May Day festival is held at Charlton-on-Otmoor near Oxford which involves the local Primary school children. The day beings with a special May Day song and a procession to the church, where everyone wears white and carries garlands of flowers. The day also includes many May Day songs and Maypole dances.

The people of Rochester celebrate May Day as the day that the chimney sweeps used to enjoy as their only holiday. The Rochester Sweeps Festival is filled with music, dancing and entertainment as well as displays of traditional songs and dances.

There is a lot of fun, singing and dancing to be had on May Day, whichever way you choose to celebrate it.

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