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When thinking of luxury cars, we often call to mind the image of a long white stretch limo with a chauffeur in a top hat and tails waiting to help us into the car. Well luxury is all of those things, but is can also be more intimate than that too, there are many cars which are just as luxurious, if not more, as stretch limos but are made to comfortably accommodate three or four people.

To see these cars in action you would think to look towards the stars and bright lights of LA. But world leaders also spend a lot of time travelling and seek out the best possible car for the job, and the leader of Canada is no exception.

The former Prime Minister of Canada, Paul Martin, who lost his place to Steven Harper earlier this year, chose a Chevrolet Impala to escort him in style and comfort.

The Impala is not only good looking and comfortable, it is smart too. The body panels are galvanised on both sides to protect them, front fog lamps, adjustable air bags depending on the weight and size of occupants and 24 hour access to advisors to help you with a variety of situations.

The Impala also has a 5.3 litre V8 engine, 18 inch tyres, remote vehicle start system, leather steering wheel, cruise control, CD player, MP3 player, input jack for portable MP3 device, heated bucket seats and Nuance leather seating.

It is no wonder the Prime Minister chose the Impala to get him where he needed to go, with its stylish exterior, luxurious interior and power to spare, the Impala is definitely a luxury car worthy of a world leader.

So, if you are now inspired to indulge yourself, contact Limo Broker and find a luxury car or limousine you are worthy of.

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