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Luxury Holden

Holden is not generally known for their production of luxury cars. They are well known for their family cars and affordable first cars, however they have also long been making the Statesman range which is chosen by those looking for a bit of extra space and a few more gadgets.

Well Holden have gone further than ever before into the luxury car market with their new Holden Caprice, creating their most prestigious car in production. The new Caprice is a completely fresh look for the Holden brand and has sharp exterior lines and a revamped interior and is not only a well equipped and comfy cruiser like its predecessors, but it is now predominantly a sporty car which is full of all of the latest gadgets, in a long wheelbase for added passenger comfort.

When inside the luxurious Holden Caprice you are instantly at ease with the silver finishing on the interior and the plush surroundings. While the Caprice is powered by a 5.7 litre engine, while riding in this new luxury car you will not even notice increases and decreases in speed and you will also not feel the true speed of the car, all you have to do is relax and you'll be at your destination before you know it. The long wheelbase also ensures that bumps and jars in the road are absorbed into the car, not into the passengers.

It is also the space which will help you forget about the outside world as the long wheelbase provides you with enough room to do whatever you need or want to do on your trip. The sunroof is just another indulgence that you would expect to find in a luxury car, and the Caprice doesn't disappoint.

In the back you also have your own stereo controls, pop out ceiling mounted vanity mirrors and front seat mounted DVD players. The screens are LCD and offer impressive sound and vision quality as well as coming with headphone attachments to avoid fights.

Also, as with any good luxury car and limousine, you will find somewhere to plug in your PlayStation and XBox.

The new Holden Caprice is a shining star for the Australian motor industry and provides more luxury and features than you could want, and just as much as the other luxury cars out there.

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