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When creating stretch limos, a lot of care and consideration goes into the style, shape, colour, interior and extra features that will make this vehicle something really special.

But there is just as much care that goes into making sure that the newly created stretch limos are safe and secure enough to stand up to all of the partying you can throw at them.

In the case of the stretch Lincoln and Cadillac limousines, they are certified by Lincoln and Cadillac for their new lives as stretch limos. The coachbuilders must be properly certified as either a Lincoln Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM) or a Cadillac Master Coachbuilder (CMC).

All vehicles have a maximum amount of weight they can carry this is the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). In stretching an ordinary luxury car, the car's GVWR must still be adhered to.

So depending on the materials used, a car stretched 120 inches can only carry around nine or ten people. His is because the GVWR of Lincoln is 7,500 pounds and Cadillac is 7,485 pounds. If on average each passenger is 150 pounds, eight passengers, plus a driver, plus the weight of the car gets very close to the limit.

Therefore, to ensure the safety and handling of the limo is not diminished by the extra weight, QVM and CMC builders use heavy duty materials to allow their limos to carry more passengers. The QVM and CMC guidelines also state that there must be a seatbelt every 16.5 inches and that there cannot be more seats installed than the GVWR can hold.

Also, exceeding the GVWR can cause additional mechanical wear and tear. The guidelines of the QVM and CMC are not only for passenger and driver safety, but also to ensure that a durable vehicle is created which will reflect positively on its brand and manufacturer. Exceeding the weight limits of the vehicle increases the wear on the suspension, drive train and braking.

Therefore, make sure when you hire a limo for your next big night that it is properly certified by companies who care about the integrity of their products and the safety of their customers.

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