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Limo Companies Save Money on LPG...

Are you a limo operator and running your limo fleet on petrol?

If the answer is yes, then surely you already know that competitors are offering much cheaper prices for each hire because their fleet of limousines is running on LPG. The cost of running your vehicle on petrol is not worth running the business unless you are busy every day of the week. Now being in the business for many years we can confirm that weekdays are not very busy for limousine hire which means that it's not affordable to run such expensive cars on the sky high petrol prices.

You will find that more and more limos are being converted to LPG. In fact they're being converted whilst in the factory being stretched.

If you are looking to buy a limousine, try your best to purchase a limo which is already LPG converted. You will find that it will save you a lot of money on the long term.

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