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Indias First Limo

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India's First Limo

The infatuation with the style and class which can only come from hiring a limousine is no longer restricted to the west, as India has released its first limousine early in 2007.

The first stretch limousine to come out of India was created by Tata Motors and is called the Indigo XL. The Indigo XL long wheelbase limousine was created to fill the gap in the Indian car market for a vehicle which is both stylish and comfortable as well as offering high performance.

While there are stretch limousines in the super luxury segment of the market, the Indigo XL comes in under that segment in price, but still has all of the extras you would expect from a luxury car. For example, the increased legroom comes from the 200mm added to the wheelbase of the new limousine.

The front seats have six-way powered controls and lumbar support, while the rear passengers have their own air-conditioner and controls.

The interior of the Indian limousine is created from two toned European leather and soft feel wood, plus a leather steering wheel. The limousine ride is made even more comfortable by the 3-link rear suspension system to ensure there are no spilled drinks.

The Indigo XL will not be left behind in the limousine accessories department either, as there is a DVD entertainment system with four speakers and headrest mounted LCD screens. There is also a Bluetooth phone system which can be operated through the car speakers.

The exteriors available will also turn heads on the streets of India, with a choice of Royal Burgundy, Ivory White, Arctic Silver and Carbon Black. The exterior styling has also been modified on the limousine with newly styled bumpers, head lamps and fog lamps. There are also chrome features on the grille and the trunk to highlight the flowing lines of the limousine.

While the Indigo XL has only just been released in India, there are a variety of other luxury cars available for hire in your choice of colour, size and accessory level. For more information, simply contact Limo Broker now.

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