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Worlds Leading Luxury Cars...

We often admire other nations for their culture, landmarks and way of life, not to mention our attention being snared by the luxury other national leaders indulge in.

World leaders are in the headlines and media just as much as the stars and celebrities of Hollywood and the world. The world leaders must have transport that is safe and secure while still being comfortable and something which sets them out from the crowd. The Emperor of Japan is no exception.

Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko have recently taken delivery of a custom made limousine for their personal transportation.

The limo is a custom built Toyota and seats eight people, zips around on a 5,000cc engine and set the family back around 52.5 million yen, almost 300,000 pounds.

This decadent limo is called the Century Royal, and features granite stone steps, wool fabric seats and traditional Japanese hand crafted lighting on the ceiling.

The Russian President is not going to be left behind either, at least not when he is being chauffeured in his Chevrolet ZIL.

The transport for President Vladimir Putin is organised by the Special Purpose Garage (SPG) of Russia. State law says that SPG employees are responsible for transporting the President, Prime Minister, parliamentary ministers, former Presidents and visiting leaders of other nations.

After the Second World War, the SPG chose the armoured ZIC-110 for transporting dignitaries. However, in 1967, work was finished on the ZIL-114 limousine which was designed especially for use by members of the Politburo. In 1978 the 114 was replaced by the modernised ZIL-115 and in 1990 the SPG added a Pullman to their fleet and have continued to add to the garage with new ZILs; one or two a year.

Therefore, the SPG currently holds Mercedes, Chevrolet and ZIL as well as BMWs and Ural motorbikes which are used as escort vehicles. These are just some of the cars in the SPG's collection of over 100 luxury cars used for the leaders and politicians of Russia.

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