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Watch Out For Fuel Scam

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Watch Out For Fuel Scam

Fuel is something which no limo hire company can avoid spending money on, and it is one of their biggest expenses. Therefore, many limo hire companies will have organised a fuel card which allows their chauffeurs to swipe when they fill up the limousines, and have the fuel charged to the limo hire company. This system usually requires a PIN and trust between the limo hire company operator and their chauffeur that they are not sharing the PIN or the card.

However, you cannot always trust the surveillance cameras, or those behind them as some limo hire companies have fallen victim to a fuel scam where their chauffeurs will fill up their limousines, but at the same time, the fuel station operator is taking down the PIN they used and then using it to charge additional fuel to the limo hire company's fuel card. As with any scam, if those taking advantage were not so intent on getting as much as they could for nothing, then their scheme may have gone unnoticed.

However, when a limo hire company's fuel bill is twice what it ought to be, they are likely to become suspicious. As a result, the issuers of fuel cards are investigating the fraud and limo hire companies have been asked to keep an eye on their fuel purchases. There are also a variety of security levels which limo hire companies can choose for their fuel cards to help protect them from other fuel scams.

Similarly to credit card protection, fuel card holders can be notified of unusually large transactions, an unusually high number of transactions in one day and if the odometer reading is incorrect or inconsistent. Also, if a limo hire company wants to keep an extra eye on their chauffeurs, they can set daily or weekly fuel limits, either by fuel amount or cost amount.

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