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Hiring a chauffeur driven luxury car is a great way to pretend you are famous, rich or powerful. Even when the car is not necessarily a stretch limo, standard limos, or luxury cars, are still just as indulgent as they often feature just as many extras as the stretch limos but you will feel so much more exclusive.

Standard limos are often also used by those who don't have to pretend they are rich and powerful, but really are. For example, the French President Jacques Chirac has chosen the new Peugeot 607 to chauffeur him around in style.

The new 607 embodies all of the style and class you would expect from a Peugeot with inspired extras to make you never want to get out.

The sumptuous leather seats are broad and contoured to accommodate the widest shoulders or the tiniest frame. The independent suspension system can be controlled at a touch of a button to suit the terrain or your passengers, as well as the number of passengers.

Also, with a Tiptronic transmission system, the smoothness of the ride is again enhanced by imperceptible gear changes. There is also climate controlled air-conditioning which can also be independently adjusted on the left or right of the car.

For extra comfort and convenience, the wide arm rests in the front and rear have two cup holders each. The rest of the interior is leather and provides ample leg and head room for all passengers.

With the power of a 24-valve quad cam 152 kW, 3.0 litre, V6 engine the 607 can get you where you need to go with certainty. However, it is undeniably quiet and vibration free while still holding low down torque as well as high speed power.

The Peugeot also includes ABS, cruise control, 12 speaker sound system, six-stacker CD player and electronic parking assistance.

So it is no wonder that the leader of the most stylishly advanced country would choose a luxury car of the likes of a Peugeot. For a luxury car to get you to your own important meetings and events, contact Limo Broker for details and a quote.

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