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Listening for Limo Passengers

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Listening for Limo Passengers

If you have to put your limousine passengers on hold when they ring your office, you probably have a very good reason. You may need to follow up on their chauffeur, check whether they left something in your limousine or just put them on hold while you deal with calls which came in before theirs.

So while putting your limo passengers on hold when they call your office can be unavoidable, you also want to make the most of the time your customer is on hold. While you could feed the radio or a CD through your phone system and use that as your hold music, it can be just as easy and much more productive to create individual hold messages for your limo hire company.

For example, you may have a new limousine in your fleet and can give your customers a description of the limo and its features while they wait on hold. You may have a special offer running for the month and telling your customers about it while they are on hold may lead them to consider taking advantage of it. Or you may have new payment plans or payment options which is the reason your customer was ringing up in the first place and your hold message can help answer their question and save you time when you come back to their call as they already have part of their enquiry resolved.

You may even like to give little titbits of information about your company; the number of limos in your fleet, the number of years you have been operating, the most popular limo in your fleet or the uniform options you offer for your chauffeurs depending on their event. This way, your limo hire customers actually listen to the hold message and are less likely to notice if they have been kept on hold for an extended period. Also make sure that you record a long loop of hold information - 60 to 90 minutes worth - so your customers don't tune out again when they hear the same message over and over again.

Also remember to update your hold messages to what is relevant in your business now. Not only does this help you to promote your newest limos and deals, it also means that regular customers won't hear the same messages over and over, and the information your customers gather from your hold messages is relevant.

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