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World leaders are often admired for their power, their position and the luxuries they enjoy. UK Prime Minister Tony Blair is no different and it is no surprise since he is often seen chauffeured around in a Jaguar XJ8 luxury car.

Jaguar are famous for creating stylish and sophisticated cars which have not only starred in many films but are chosen to transport the rich and famous everyday.

Jaguars also have a reputation for being gutsy, as they have proven by winning at the Monte Carlo Rally and at the Le Mans 24 Hour races.

The model �XJ' is from when the car was in the development stages of production and stands for Experimental Jaguar. Since the XJ first appeared in 1968, the current 3.5 litre XJ8 is one of the most radical overhauls.

The XJ has a full leather interior, interior walnut veneer, chrome interior features, automatic air-conditioning, cruise control which is also able to maintain a gap between the car in front, power to everything at your fingertips, rear sun blind, Alpine sound system, six-stacker CD player, two TVs, DVD player, phone, trip computer, rain sensing wipers and voice activated controls.

The Jag is also one of two volume production cars to be made with an all aluminium body which allows for advanced safety and strength as well as being a lightweight luxury car. The new XJ8's body is also taller, longer and wider to allow for maximum comfort inside. Also for extra comfort, the XJ has air suspension to absorb large bumps in the road surface.

The new Jaguar provides a quiet comfortable ride and is able to reduce wind, road and running noise inside the vehicle. The XJ is a stylish and comfortable car and you would expect nothing less of Jaguar or Prime Minister Tony Blair.

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